Favorite Color Pink

favorite-color-pink-poster.jpg“The good men don’t have looks to rely on. Unfortunately those men lack the confidence to approach her.” So believes Mona, a lonely French woman isolated in a Northern California coastal town. Maybe the gypsy was wrong. Maybe this isn’t the place she’ll fall in love.

Too bad Lenny doesn’t know about Mona; A woman that typically only men with a thick head of hair and a bright future are favored to court. At least he doesn’t until the day Mona disposes of a computer at the garbage dump where he works.

Against his guilt, Lenny takes home Mona’s computer and hacks into it, and discovers a collection of video diaries. Through her diaries, Lenny learns that however unlikely it may be, he is remarkably the type of man Mona is searching for.

And Mona? … Maybe the gypsy was right after all.


One Response to “Favorite Color Pink”

  1. I have really enjoyed being part of this beautiful project…the script was beautifully wrote and it was pleasure working whith talented and passionnated people,this movie must be seen!!!!spread the word…..

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