Forrest’s Story

While in his early twenties, Forrest moved to Amsterdam with one hundred dollars and a whole lot of dreams. With naivety propelling him forward, Forrest landed his first acting role with the Muzenis Theatre Company where he spent the better part of a year and a half traveling around Holland honing his craft, while continuing to take various acting workshops in and around Amsterdam. After playing Dostoyevsky’s tortured character Raskolnikov in an adaptation of Crime and Punishment, Forrest was invited to join the international Amsterdam Chamber Theatre and spent the next four years performing around Amsterdam and Europe in various stage productions. Over those four years Forrest began to write skits and one act plays that he and his fellow actors would perform, catching the attention of his director who asked him to co-write an original play. Two months later Forrest and actor/writer Grainne Delaney completed PLAYING WITH SHAKESPEARE, which went on a successful run in Amsterdam and also received the honor of representing the Netherlands at the 1994 Cairo International Theatre Festival.

It was in Egypt that Forrest realized his love for writing superseded his desire to act and shortly thereafter moved back to the United States to purse writing and directing. Within a year after returning, Forrest wrote, directed and produced his second play CUSP, which he staged in San Francisco at the Exit Theatre. Since then, Forrest decided to concentrate more on film and subsequently has written five feature screenplays, sold one short film screenplay, and has written, directed and produced three short films – CALLA LILLY, FAVORITE COLOR PINK and HALLELUJAH, which have screened on both coast and abroad. He recently has completed a multi-award winning web series titled SUNDAYS ( about a small coastal village and the eclectic medley of characters who call it home. Forrest’s latest project is a TV Pilot titled FARM HOUSE, which he is currently shopping around to literary agencies and production companies.

Forrest lives on the dramatic coast of Northern California with his two boys, Temple and Sequoyah, where he continues to write and make movies.

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